Recording & Dubbing

Manuel Estasio

Hi, my name’s Manuel :) I've been a full stack web developer, designer and marketer since 2006 with a computer technology degree.
I had my first computer at 10 years old and I started programming at 13, then I started my ITC education focusing on statistics and web technologies.
I've been working for several international companies since 2006, and in 2019 I established my own company.
Now I am setting up websites, I ‘m supporting some companies in their online growth and I dedicate myself to my greatest desire, to teach others what I am most passionate about.
I want my courses to be clear and useful, without you ever losing concentration: if you find a lesson longer than 10 minutes, I'm sorry, but I couldn't explain it to you in less time.

Stephanie Rocco

Hi, there!
I’m Stephanie, your new instructor.
I’ve been engaged in teaching for more than 20 years in a classroom environment, dealing with diverse knowledge areas, included statistics and ITC.
Some years ago, I got involved in a new adventure which shifted my focus onto online activities, and I am thrilled to introduce my courses to you.
At the moment, I am co-operating with an ITC company, specialized in Web development and online teaching, which is in charge of creating and updating all the courses available to you.
We will come to terms with Excel, UX, JavaScript, Node, React and much more.
Follow my page to find out what’s new!
If you are looking for solutions for you to upskill in a topic -from A to Z-, you are on the right place, everything is carefully planned to take you to be a professional.