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If you feel like learning to program, to improve your IT skills or to make your coding perfect, with Estasio you will be able to thrive and become a professional, ready to climb the ladder in all sorts of companies or to start out a personal development offering your customers a top-notch service.

Join the more than 18,000-student community, from more than 150 countries, now! Broaden your horizons with us!

Stephanie & Manuel

Become a Web Developer

All our courses accompany you from A to Z on the best web programming languages. When to follow them is entirely up to you: any moment, any day, at home, on the train, no restrictions whatsoever.


15-minute long classes, max!

Staying focused is the key factor in learning. Every course run by Estasio features lessons which are never longer than 15 minutes each - threshold beyond which the attention fades out.

From Junior to Senior

Progress Step-by-step

We issue updates and new courses every month. Keep calm, you have a chance to dedicate to learning new technologies at your own pace. Believe in yourself, invent and exploit all the opportunities!

Microsoft Excel

The first course: Excel

We also had a first time, that is called Excel, the inauguration of our wonderful adventure can be your new beginning, don’t waste your time anymore! Start straight away!

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The Founder

Hi everyone, my name is Manuel, a Full Stack web developer with an IT background, I’ve been active in this field since 2006.
My first computer was a present when I was 10 and I started coding when I was 13, focusing on statistics and web technologies.
Career-wise, I have worked with diverse companies, among them the prestigious multinationals Nokia and Transcom, up to 2019, when I set up Estasio.
Right now, I’m cooperating with startups and established businesses, working as an IT and development expert, as well as dedicating most of my time to teaching. What prompted me to dedicate myself to teaching is the opportunity to share my know-how with anyone who, for work or for personal growth, feels like starting using IT, yet cannot afford a school costing an arm and a leg or does not have the time to attend courses with a fixed timetable.
The method chosen to create the Estasio courses is planned to get over any limitations, you will manage to follow every single lesson smoothly, without ever losing the thread.

Manuel Estasio